Tokenize Earth proudly supports ALTEA, a revolutionary new token designed to reward and find talented teams of developers who are shaping the future of web3.

Altea believes that the future of decentralized technology is dependent on the development of high-quality projects that provide real value to users. With ALTEA, the best developers are incentivized and funded without the need for Venture Capitalist and institutional investors. This community based approach ensures that builders and customers remain aligned form the start.

If you’re a developer who wishes to participate in this exciting new ecosystem, or you’re a web3 advocate that would like to support this project, contact us today to receive your ALTEA tokens.


Token: ALTEA

Standard: ERC20

Token Address: 0x75438124A0e6294F6b51750aB79bc73025b2C017

Max Total Supply: 100,000,000